Global Academic Partnerships has over ten years of experience in international higher education development, delivery and audit.

We focus in developing partnerships between institutions in Asia and the rest of the world.





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Partnership Search and Negotiations

Finding the best collaborative partner can be challenging — time consuming and expensive. In managing your partnership search and negotiations we perform a number of steps to ensure that your collaboration will have the best possible start with predictable financial standing. These steps include market analysis and candidate partner evaluations, establishing of business case and budget, contract type evaluation and negotiations, as well as partnership development project planning.

Program Management

We combine the best of quality protocols and ensure that all components of your collaborative contracts are being delivered as planned. Program management focuses on ensuring that the collaborative contrasts are developed for example by providing up-to-date market analysis and research relating to the subject areas, marketing co-ordination, institutional advancement, donor management, and alumni management.


Program Resourcing and Operations

Curriculum Development and Audits